Can’t add Monzo to USAA or PNC

I was trying to add my Monzo account as an external account in USAA and PNC, neither recognizing the routing number. I reached out to PNC, and they looked it up. The ABA routing number is on a list of known fraudulent activity and is blocked by them. I’m assuming USAA too. This doesn’t sit too well with me.

I’m experiencing the same issue with blocked Monzo USA/Sutton routing number by the following: Simple Bank (BBVA USA), One Finance Bank (Coastal Community Bank) and Comcast Xfinity. It also gives me a bad feeling. It’s getting painful for me to transfer money into my Monzo account and I’m worried I’ll hit the same issue with other bills I try to migrate from Simple to Monzo.

I should note that I have contacted Monzo USA about this, they responded quickly and are aware of the issue. Support told me that the issue is due to some banks blocking the routing number of their partner bank Sutton because of some Robinhood and CashApp customers getting fraudulent transactions and both those companies use Sutton as their bank. So unfortunately Monzo USA customers are caught in the middle with the Sutton routing number being blocked by some banks and companies. I hope this is fixed soon!

I feel like this is something that would be easily fixed. Or it makes me wonder why Monzo partnered with a bank that a bunch of criminals use. Either way it doesn’t sit well.

I’m not so sure. I think Monzo is stuck with Sutton’s routing number as Sutton is their partner bank. From my understanding this all happened way after Monzo chose Sutton for their partner bank.

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Hey all, this is indeed an issue with Sutton’s routing number - we are actively trying to work out this problem with them and we’re hoping for a resolution in the near future. We appreciate this is really frustrating and we’re sorry about that! We’ll hopefully have an update soon


I wouldn’t mind the lack of Plaid if I was able to get any of my other banks to connect to Monzo’s routing number. Every bank I’ve tried fails (USAA, PNC, etc) because it’s on a list of known suspicious activity. I haven’t funded my account at all because of this.

Yeah, you’ve made that point elsewhere (here!) and had a response from Monzo so let’s not pollute other topics with this.

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I do want to add that I think I’ve found a good workaround using Apple Wallet. I’ve hooked Monzo US up as the bank account and just tried transferring money from PNC to Monzo via Apple Cash. So far no errors and we’ll see how long it takes to get to Monzo. Fingers crossed.

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