Can I withdraw cash without being charged a fee?

(andrew) #1


I changed my PIN on Saturday and thought maybe I’d try withdrawing cash at the same time, however the Lloyds ATM warned me that the card issuer may charge for cash withdrawals so I cancelled it.

Will we be charged a fee for withdrawing cash?


ATMs that charge a fee
(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey Andrew,

Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for cash withdrawals from bank ATMs (so no charges from us, some ATMs charge themselves though). That message seems to appear because lots of prepaid cards do charge. Sorry for the confusion!

Have a great Sunday

(paul) #3

Andrew, I spent a number of years looking after ATM and card portfolios and it can be confusing for customers. As well as Tristan’s spot on response you may be interested in the rather longer but quite interesting ‘rules’ for UK ATMs and when/how charges apply…

(andrew) #4

Thanks for confirming.