RBS Credit Card ATM withdrawal fees

So there’s a cashpoint near me ( Tesco ) which claims to have " Free Withdrawals " but when i put my RBS card in, it says " This machine may charge for withdrawals " and costs me £2.95 !!

Will it charge my Monzo card with withdrawals or not ?

That depends on whether RBS or the ATM operator is charging you. If it’s the former, you won’t be charged as Monzo don’t have ATM withdrawal fees in the UK. If it’s the latter, the fee will be the same as with your RBS debit card.

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Might be worth asking RBS if they are ones charging you.

Must be, the ATM says " Free withdrawals "

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Is your RBS card a credit card?

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Oh that’s why!
Credit cards generally charge you a cash advance fee.
Also note that cash advances are recorded on your credit file.


Pretty much all UK credit card issuers charge for cash advances (as well as applying a higher interest rate and charging interest from the date of the transaction).

Debit cards generally don’t do this in the UK.

It should be noted that withdrawing cash on a credit card should be avoided, if possible :slight_smile:


Fair enough, its an account set-up by my advocate, i didn’t really have a choice, it will be closing next month and monzo will be my main account.

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And they will likely be charging you interest as well


Withdrawing Cash from a Credit Card is classed as a Cash Advance and may show seperately on (and potentially negatively affect) your Credit Rating if I remember correctly.


Kind of concerned your advocate didn’t explain the charges relating to taking out cash on your credit card. Actually the fact they set you up with a credit card at all is a bit troubling instead of a basic bank account.


I saw the this thread title and thought :thought_balloon: oh here we go again…

Glad its no about ATM withdrawal charges abroad. And apologies for pre judging

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Its a special charity type credit card. Which had a set limit on it
At one point the only way i could use the card was ATMs. It wouldn’t work in-store or online untill i asked him to set it up for me


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