Can I set up a pot that deducts my IFTTT challenge money to a receptacle pot

Title says it all. I’m sorry if this question has been asked before, couldn’t find it in search
The ability to have a separate pot for my challenges would be very helpful for me.

What’s a receptacle pot ? I’m really struggling to follow what your trying to do

I would like a pot that takes my challenge money from one pot and puts it into another, bypassing the account money

so a function that IFTTT can use to do a direct transfer between pots, rather than

withdraw from one pot to main account, then deposit into the other pot ?

I presume it going through main account messes up the account reporting in some way ?

You can’t move money directly between pots with IFTTT.

You could do it by logging things to a spreadsheet and doing the movements based on that but it still would need to go back into your main account first.

Thank you. I would find it a good option to have with regard to saving, maybe one day.

A good start would be voting for pot to pot transfers here:

Then keep an eye on the IFTTT topic as before the pandemic is was getting some love and new triggers :slight_smile:


So you’d have one pot that holds all your ‘challenge money’ - and then each day/week etc IFTTT would top it up from?

As others say you can’t do direct transfer, but with “IFTTT Platform”, you could set it up so transfer from the “holding pot” into main account, and main account into “challenge pot” in the same action.

Needs a bit of work to set up, but I think it could be done like that.

Monzo allows clients to make supposed pots of cash with the money moved through IFTTT.

I can’t tell if your comment is a statement or a question so I’ll try to cover both bases.

You can’t create pots with IFTTT only add or withdraw money from existing ones. They’re not “supposed pots” but actual real pots and no money moves through IFTTT - everything remains safe in your bank :slight_smile:


I hope it helped!