1p challenge but payment to external account?

I alternate between the 1p/day and 1p/day reverse challenge each year (so I don’t suddenly leap from 1p to £3.65) but would rather like the money to go to an external, interest paying account rather than into a pot.

Is there any way to do this?


If that place supports IFTTT then yes, if not, no.

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OK, that’ll be a ‘no’ then.

Is it possible to set the destination to an interest paying savings pot in Monzo?

You can check this yourself very easily; Is it in the pot list when you set it up?

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That’s a great plan with only one flaw.

I don’t have any savings pots set up because I get better interest elsewhere. If I can get a definitive answer, I’ll set one up.

How much to you save over a year? Why don’t you just make life easy for yourself and divide that amount by 12 and save monthly into the account of your choice? You’ll get better rates on a Regular Saver, too.


Yes, you can set ifttt to pay into any pot you have set up on your account.

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