How to open a UK Monzo Account in South Africa

Hi Everyone,

How does one open a Monzo UK Bank Account in South Africa. My Brother is looking to come back to the UK. He has a British Passport and Also a UK drivers License. Does he need a UK Simcard to do this or can he do on his SA Number?

The first think he’ll need is access to a U.K. address for card delivery. Not sure about a SIM card but from other threads, it looks possible that he might.

Thank you. He could use my address so it could work but just wasnt sure if he could do it with his SA mobile number or if I need to send him a UK mobile Sim card quickly.

This thread suggests it might be necessary.

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I think he will need a UK sim

The whole process is pretty quick. Surely he could just make an account and get a UK phone number when he comes back to the UK?

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Order a giffgaff SIM delivered to your address. They ship free to anywhere in the world. Activate it online and pay 10GBP online using any credit card. You can use this number as your UK number as well as request Monzo. You will however need an UK address to get the debit card delivered to.