Can I cancel my replacement card?

Yesterday I ordered a replacement card, as I couldn’t find my Monzo card after 2 days of searching, but I’ve just found it where I’ve never thought (inside of the coin slot of my purse :frowning: . As there are a few standing orders set for my old card, ideally I’d like to cancel the replacement card order if it’s possible. Would it be possible, if so how can I do that?

if it’s not possible, do I need to set the standing orders again once my new card arrives? or would it be automatically follow my set-up payment history?

Have you tried contacting them via the in-app chat?

  1. Standing orders are unrelated to your card. A standing order comes from a bank account, these numbers do not change with a replacement card. However you might have recurring card payments (for example Netflix, Spotify) - you would have to change these services payment details to your new card.
  2. use in-app help to chat to support to find out if it has been sent out. It probably has. I don’t know the state of your current card as to whether it will no longer work, you will need to ask Monzo

Hope that helps.


Hey! If you haven’t contacted us to block your old card (and it’s just frozen in your app), you can defrost it and keep the replacement as a spare - it won’t activate until you do so in the app :slight_smile:

As Rob said, standing orders use your account details. If you have any recurring payments on your card (things like Netflix or Spotify) then they’ll still work on the card you’ve just found too :+1:t2:

If you’ve any other questions just pop us a message in the in-app chat!