Business and personal bank account closed without reason given

My close friends wife’s personal account and business bank account got closed with no reason given. She was simply trying to dispute a transaction on her personal account and Monzo has closed both the business and personal bank account. Is there a way to resolve this? I know legally Monzo is not allowed to tell the user the reason. I’ve seen a fair amount of people complain about this on the forum

On a personal side. I’ve been a big advocate of Monzo and got my wife onto it and she’s even got some of our savings in Monzo which I am now getting worried about, if Monzo are closing accounts with no reason. What happens to the money in such cases?

Your close friends wifes sisters cat aunt brother needs to contact Monzo. We’re all just customers on here.

If they won’t revert their decision then you/they don’t really have much choice other than complaining to the financial ombudsman.


Only once the internal complaints process has been exhausted.

All you can do is to make a formal complaint to Monzo, and if you aren’t satisfied with their final response, escalate it to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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