C Ops Performance Metrics

I get the impression that C Ops are being measured on the speed of ther responses not on the quality. I’ve had a couple of instances of chat help were there are not reading or understanding the query or just handing it over to colleagues who don’t read the previous threads. Metrics may drive poor behaviour unless they are well thought through strong text


I used to work in a similar role. Senior management would absolutely say that staff weren’t measured on speed of reply. This was true, but junior managers were measured on length of wait times. This had the effect that every conversation between junior managers and staff revolved around wait times.

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I definitely feel the quality of support has declined. That’s to be expected taking on more people, when it started I got responses from people who were very close to the heart of the business, now it’s support staff who don’t have that experience.

However bundling things into a single chat isn’t helpful when you have separate issues you want to track.

Nor is constantly being escalated or moved to a different person who as you say doesn’t seem to take in the context of what’s been said previously very well.

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