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Anyone else use Stadia and had problems making a purchase?
I’ve recently given Stadia a try and been incredibly surprised at how well it works even on a relatively poor internet connection, and decided to treat myself to Red Dead Redemption 2 (common consensus around input lag and stutters etc has not been my experience). I’ve not been a gamer from a long time due to time, family and work commitments so it’s ideal for me having not had to invest in a console or gaming pc.

When I try and pay for a game via the Stadia app and it invokes the Monzo app to authorise the payment when I return to the Stadia app (the purchase is completed via the Playstore) it’s navigated away from the transaction which times out.

Suspect it’s a Google issue, and I have provided feedback. It will work if I do it from web.


Hi @ESP & welcome :wave:

I have Stadia Pro billed to my Monzo Joint Account each month and never experienced any issues, although this is a CPA (repeating monthly subscription) rather than a one-off purchase like what you are attempting.

Looking back through my purchase history in the Stadia app, I’ve also purchased a few games outright - these were also paid via my Monzo account. But I suspect that because I already have a repeating subscription set-up, linked to Monzo, that any additional purchases wouldn’t experience payment issues. I guess it’s a waiting game to hear back from Google. If there are no hints at a transaction being attempted in either Monzo or Google/Stadia, there’s something going fundamentally wrong prior to the transaction being issued - maybe on your device? (If it works on the web, try with another device if possible?)

Love Stadia though - even just from a tech standpoint on what it is actually doing when you’re playing. Would like Bluetooth support to be switched on though, so I can use wireless headphones/buds with the controller (the audio latency is minor and wouldn’t bother me too much)

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Hi David

Yes I only took a look out of curiosity, I’ve been a big gamer in the past right from Vic20, C64 through to Amiga and PC. I think I’m what are apparently called a Dadia, who seem to be key demographic at the moment for them! I’ve not really gamed in over 10 years due to moving city, more work commitment, marriage and kids, so it’s a pretty fresh library for me from start to finish. I needed a new Chromecast anyway, and picked up a controller on eBay second hand so no real investment expecting it not to work very well on my 67Mb FTTC connection which is lucky to get 30-40Mb with a fair wind behind it.
Really surprised me how well it works, I expected lag and stuttering but absolutely nothing, unless someone else is on the network streaming. It’s inspired me to put forwards an FTTP install before my contract expires so getting 500Mb/sec on Friday, see how that goes! I’ll hardwire with Ethernet too at that point.

So: I can purchase games (Red Dead Redemption 2 in this case) just fine from the web app in Win 10 and authorise them in the Monzo app and complete the purchase in the Stadia web app no bother.

If I try do it from the Stadia app, it invokes the Monzo app for authorisation, I get the push message no problems, the transaction is there but when I authorise using fingerprint ID and it tells me to go back to the Playstore (which should be showing in the Stadia app, it’s not there having reverted to the Stadia homepage).
I then get a message in Monzo saying I didn’t complete the transaction at Google’s side quickly enough.

Not a big problem, but it should work. Feels like it’s Google’s side to me…

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