Huawei Y6 2019

Anyone use this phone…any good or bad reviews will be appreciated

I’m not sure this forum will be able to offer you something that Google can’t?

But there are a number of useful videos and reviews online.

Plus there’s trusty old Amazon.

I have seen a couple of videos on Google…but nothing is better than peoples reviews

I couldn’t speak for this model specifically, but in general I’ve found that Huawei punch well above their competitors in this price range. I’ve found that £100-£150 Huawei devices are often comparable to £200-250 devices from Samsung, Sony, etc.

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I agree with this. I have often thought about starting a YouTube channel reviewing budget to mid-range phones only. (Thinking of wishful!!!, as my budget does not stretch to anywhere near the requirements necessary for this type of venture. LOL!!!) People sometimes forget that you don’t need to be spending fractions of house deposits on a piece of technology that is probably no bigger than the hand you are holding it in!!! Haha!!! People used to rush to buy old school Nokias for over a hundred pounds back in the day and we thought THAT was bad then!!! Lol!!!