Button to go straight to existing chats in redesigned 'open chat' menu

(Alex Sherwood) #1

It might be premature to post this & maybe this has been ‘solved’ already but I’ve spotted this new design for the ‘open chat’ flow in the Bringing the Community Into the app topic -

& @jzw95’s pointed out that it could be quite irritating to have to choose from that set of options in order to get back to open chats each time.

Could a button be added to this screen to enable users to skip to open chats? Or some other way to allow them to bypass this menu..

We’ve touched on a similar issue here -

(Jack) #2

I think it’s nessasary to make sure users aren’t just contacting support for basic information that can be resolved by reading an answer in the FAQ’s. By selecting from the list it will likely display threads from the help section that are relevant to the users issue. This will make the chat more efficient for everyone else that then uses it. Although there should be an option to jump to an existing chat.

(Terry) #3

Agreed I would also like a nice button too!