Business Banking Tiers and Pricing [illustrative from user research]

Over on the Android Teardowns topic, @BenLeo shared a really interesting screenshot:

Here’s the original post…

…but creating a new topic so we can keep conversation on topic :raised_hands: :monzocard:

Edit: @jrdn has confirmed that this isn’t final and is part of (clearly labelled) user research:

Business Banking Tiers and Pricing [illustrative from user research]


Now that is interesting!

Great that they’ve got a £0 tier. And looking at the cards, I’m now wondering if we’ll get a new design metal card for new Plus? It looks like they might be using the cards originally procured for old Plus here (notice no “Business” and Monzo on the other side). Although I suppose they could just be sharing designs…


White for Plus, Grey for Business seems a reasonable differentiator.

Or could just be a placeholder image.

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How long until someone realises and takes it down?

Unless international transfers really are that close

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It could just mean via TransferWise, I suppose?

And it’s not particularly visible - I think you have to fill in some info to see it…

It seems like something that would get a big announcement instead of just appearing on the site with no fanfare

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Agreed. But then so would the pricing schemes so :man_shrugging:

It was the pricing schemes I was talking about :grin:

Ah, I thought you were on about international transfers! :man_facepalming:

In the Android 3.21.0 teardown, there are a few interesting lines;

"- res/drawable-hdpi-v4/img_card_details_business_lite.webp

  • res/drawable-hdpi-v4/img_card_details_business_pro.webp"

So a Lite and a Pro plan (sort of) confirmed in-app

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lite, pro and metal?

Also it’s light, not lite ffs


Looks like it - for business. And new pricing tiers to help monetise it.

‘New Plus’ to follow suit?


I quite like that pricing structure. Don’t have a business but it makes sense to me. :+1:


Same here - I like that structure too. At first I couldn’t see where the £10 increase from the middle plan was justified for the metal card - until I saw unlimited multi-user (from up-to-3 users in the middle plan)
It’s a very good business account structure (small, medium, large).

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How many cards per account though?

I’d guess at 1 card per £0 plan, up to 3 cards per £5 plan and as many as you need on the £15 plan?

I hope not, I need proper international transfers

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So 40 metal cards for £15 per month? Can’t see it


I thought the same, but the lack of obvious limits seems to reinforce you could have 40 metals for £15 per month. If that display is a mistake and the amounts are actually ‘per user’ - the story is entirely different.

I was thinking it was 1 card per account

Really need to clarify that. Good job we are here to be awkward :grin: