[BUSINESS] Automatically name downloaded invoices

Hi folks!

Recently made the jump to Monzo for Business, which is actually pretty great! I do have one minor, and I mean, VERY minor gripe, though.

When you download a generated invoice, it will download as the invoice number, for example:

Your 10th invoice will generate with a filename of INVOICE-010.pdf.

The generated name isn’t all that helpful when you’re sorting and storing invoices outside of the web app, so you have to rename the invoice to a better structure, such as [client]-[project]-[date]-[ID]

When generating the invoice, Monzo has all of this data available, so it should be feasible to give the invoices a more intelligent filename on download.

This would save me a lot of time, albeit only 10 seconds each run invoice, but that time adds up. I think better named invoices would create a much more seamless experience for Biz owners.

Joe :slight_smile: