Request to quickly bug fix the recent invoicing updates

Great to see we finally got customisable invoice numbers and a few other QOL improvements recently.

But noticed a few bugs joined along with the improvements:

Invoice numbers randomly changing
Bug with the long string of numbers before your invoice number (tho it was never specified, it turns out this is a customer number asigned internally by monzo and will be different for each client). The “client number” can now change on its own for no apparent reason. Monzo has even assigned the same number to multiple clients. Needless to say, my accountant is confused and it took a lot of work to fix on our end.

Exported invoices now have unusable file name
Exported invoices used to simply be named the invoice number by default, so we built our workflow around that. In May 23 it changed: downloaded invoices are now called “bizinvoice-stringofwhatever”. They’re non sequential, with no identifying data. At a glance you’ve no way to know which download is which, invoices attached to client emails have the random string name so they too have to rename it for their internal use. This breaks any automation you have in place and because there’s no identifying data in the new naming structure, theres no way to automate a workaround.

No way to ammend client details
If a client changes their email or phone number, there doesn’t appear to be an option to update their details. You have to set up as a new client. Luckily this doesn’t seem to assign them a new client number BUT as mentioned above, that client number can change for no reason. Obviously you can just download a previous invoice and copy the info over but doing this on mobile isn’t exactly a user friendly experience.

Solutions / Fix request

  • Please bug fix the client numbers changing
    (and ideally please do away with internally assigned client numbers as most of us that need separate client numbers will have our own assigned already)

  • Please revert the exported/sent invoice naming convention to use the invoice number rather than a random string

  • Please add the option to update client information

At the moment we are compelled to move away from Monzo if the improvements continue at such a slow rate and come with the penalty of new bugs and automation breaking changes.