Business Invoices

Hi all,

Recently set up a business account for myself as a sole trader, and am using Pro to enable me to send invoices direct from the app.

Few suggestions for the invoices themselves:

  1. Be great to upload a business logo or something to go on the invoice, very plain and unbranded at the moment.

  2. Ability to add a line or two of free text would be good. Bit more personal, can add any information needed (I’m a sole trader so cheques need to be payable to my personal name, but there’s nowhere on the invoice making that clear, i imagine i’ll get cheques sent to my trading as name.

  3. It would be good if it saved customer details, as alot of my invoices are repeat to the same clients, it’s a pain having to re-input all their details each time.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I recently signed up for a Pro Business account, mainly for the ability to invoice clients too, but I am finding the invoice feature in Monzo Business very basic and difficult to use.

  • I like @SteStory ideas of being able to add my business logo, I am a designer and having my branding on invoices is very important to me.
  • Being able to save Clients details would be so useful. I have lots of repeat clients and inputting their details every time is very laborious, especially checking I have all the details right each time and cross referencing them between 2 apps on a phone takes a long time.
  • Being able to autofill clients details from the registered companies database would be hugely beneficial and slick.
  • The ability to add a note would be really helpful, for special instructions and important information specifically for certain clients.
  • I’m not sure if you can right now but I cannot find a way to edit/correct invoice details once I have saved a draft invoice. I would also like to preview the invoice before I send it, which I cannot find a way to do at the moment.
  • The ability to save and send Invoices as PDF, so I can store them on my computer/cloud and give the client the option to receive them as a document.
  • Have the ability to pay with a ‘pay’ button on the invoice. It could perhaps work using or take you to a payment portal where you can pay the invoice easily.
  • Ability to save templates for different situations e.g. a template for international clients might need to be different than for local clients, or a template for a different service you provide which needs different details.

Would love to share more ideas or talk in more detail about these ideas :grin:


New to using Monzo business. Great to see some of the suggestions made here have already been implemented like company logos. Thanks!

These features have already been suggested but there are the must haves I would love to see added:

Must have the option to attach invoices as PDFs
It’s the first thing I noticed missing and the first thing a client requested on invoice no.1 lol. For now, we have to email to ourselves, screen grab, crop and convert Tiff to PDF, then send. Little janky.

Adding a note is essential (especially given the limited invoice capabilities)
There’s a custom field marked “reference” but whatever I type there disappears and doesn’t appear on the invoice or previews. Really need somewhere to type what the context of the invoice is. We resorted to an all-CAPS item with 0.00 cost, which just looks unprofessional IMO.

Must be able to control invoice numbers fully
The invoicing system adds a clunky 6 digit reference number to the invoice for no apparent reason. Train of thought: What is this number? Is it different for each client? Why isn’t that number showed anywhere until you send your first invoice? As this info has no value to the client, why can’t it be turned off on the client-facing invoice?

Also, as a new business, you’re unlikely to want to issue “invoice no.1” to a client. Sad tho it is, even as a startup, people expect you to have done a lot of work before working with them. Starting a custom number would be important IMO and essential if you’re already established at the point of opening the account! For now, you have to issue a few 0 invoices to yourself to get the numbers up a bit before issuing to real clients. Again, a bit janky UX.*

I appreciate invoicing features are just to sweeten the deal of the core offering of a bank account. But I look forward to these essentials being added in the near future, to make the basic perk more flexible and therefor more valuable to new and established businesses.

Keep up the great work Business Banking team!
Shout out to Ella in customer service for all their help getting the ball rolling.


Totally agree with all of the above.

I have just joined and this was a key feature of Business Pro that I was looking forward to using. Being able to track invoices and mark them as paid all in one app is a game changer however I agree that it is at quite a basic stage at the moment.

With a few minor tweaks this could be amazing.

  • Invoice being sent as a PDF or have a pdf copy attached. (useful for companies record keeping) the rich text format can also look un-professional and verges on the bad design that flags up fraud or fake making buisnesses suspicious of invoices. I think the pdf option will really help this.

-Bespoke invoice numbering, or the ability to edit or adjust the count. I understand there is a balance between them working for the paid feature and also our own uses. Making the invoice ref too complex just puts businesses off using them, defying the point of the whole system.

  • The ability to add specific details such as PO numbers or even a project or job name or reference that appears. I have had the same issue of the missing reference box?

  • Autofill, client information, sales items or services and prices.

-Personalised details or notes that sends a custom thank you and can include naming details for cheques or any other instructions.

I previously used an app called “invoice2go” that had all of these features and would be a good reference to look at in regards to design and features. Which isn’t a million miles away.

Thought I would add my two cents to keep this thread alive!

Monzo you are onto something here that could be amazing with just a bit of finessing. Keep it up!