(Adam Williams) #1

I had a play with the invoice feature which AIUI is still very much a WIP.

Some thoughts:

  • Basic functionality is good. Emails look clean and professional.
  • An option to include bank details in the invoice would be useful/otherwise set payment instructions.
  • An option to (B)CC yourself in on the invoice or download a PDF would be useful. Currently it just gets sent to the client, as far as I can see.
  • Description field isn’t actually included on the invoice email? Is this just for our own use?
  • Keyboard occludes lower down text input fields when filling in e.g. customer email.
  • Long descriptions break the layout on the main Invoices tab (i.e. rendered from invoice-item.njk).

On a more technical note:

  • It is obvious it isn’t native as soon as you start using it, it ‘feels’ like a WebView. Fair enough if you’re using a WebView for the MVP, but I hope the final product is native.
  • It would be nice to expose everything under /business-invoice/ on via the developer API. This would make it easier to e.g. retrieve info on invoices for accounting purposes.

I am curious as to the intended audience here. At present these invoices are too inflexible for me to use (clients tend to have their own requirements for invoices) but I could perhaps see some small B2C businesses using it to send out invoices on request.

(Andrew Seymour) #2

I’d definitely like to add the idea of (B)/CC’ing yourself in - intend to use this shortly with a client, currently using Xero and while that’s a great product, it’s a little bit beyond our needs.

Also, adding a bank transfer option would be nice - to add to that, even detect incoming transfer with reference numbers (maybe auto generate a reference number on the invoice for bank transfer) and then auto match that with the paid invoice? That’d be pretty neat!

(Michal) #3

Hey there,

I think if Monzo Business can send payment requests in the form of invoices, and those can also be in different currencies, added text and logo and made pretty/professional, it will make my business account completely redundant. And i would like that!!

Cheers and best of luck with the dev!