Is it possible for a newly created Invoice to be emailed to client automatically?


I can see that automatic emailing used to be possible:

Though, oddly to to me, it’s noted as a negative. “Before, we’d email invoices you created in Monzo to your customers for you. Now, to send an invoice you can share a PDF from the Monzo app — however you like.”

Whilst I understand the benefit of options I do just want them emailed to the client based on the client details I’ve input into Monzo. It’s an unnecessary 10-20% extra work to find the email app, open it, remember the clients email address, type it in, write an email, press send.

Surely, there’s an option to turn automatic email distribution on and to use a generic template email.

"Dear [customer name],

Here’s your invoice from [business name].




I’m new to the Monzo business app so I’m hoping I’ve just missed this option somewhere?