Bug with Android Fingerprint Login

Issue: Android fingerprint / Pixel Imprint login is a bit temperamental

Details to reproduce: Click on a Monzo notification which takes you to the app
Try to log in using Pixel Imprint fingerprint login
Nothing happens
Tap elsewhere to dismiss the “Confirm it’s you to unlock then…” pane
Tap “Try again”
Actually log in using Pixel Imprint fingerprint login
OS: Android 12
Device: Google Pixel 4a
App Version: Monzo 4.7.0


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I have seen this a few times, always on Android 12.

Tried both on my Pixel 4xl and the Pixel 6 Pro and issue exists on both.

Probably related, something I’ve noticed a few times (about 1 in 8 opens) since getting my Pixel 6 Pro:

  1. Tap shortcut to Monzo
  2. Get prompted to fingerprint
  3. Hold finger to screen nothing happens
  4. Can do nothing except turn off screen with power button
  5. Power screen on to get back to launcher
  6. Tap shortcut to Monzo
  7. Get prompted to fingerprint
  8. Hold fonger to screen and get in.

Only happens with Monzo.
I had similar issues when we first got biometrics in the app, perhaps a regression bug?

Looks like an Android 12 issue.

The increasing reports due to the influx of Pxl6 users and my experience of A12 on Pxl5 indicates a common issue with A12.

Open Monzo (with biometrics enabled) - Monzo asks for fingerprint - put finger on sensor - nothing happens.
Tap outside of the area of the biometric login ‘window’ (towards the top of the screen) to dismiss the bio-login, then tap on ‘Try again’ at the bottom right. Bio-login window pops up and placing finger on fingerprint sensor works immediately.

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I can’t reproduce this on mine, I’m in 1st time every time. I’ll have to put a transaction through which brings up a notification to login and see what happens.

Fingerprint is temperamental. On my one plus nord , doesn’t always appear on app launch

Except (at least for me) it’s only Monzo that I’ve experienced it with. Having paid closer attention last time I appear to get a fingerprint prompt and then another fingerprint prompt on top of it.


Same. I should clarify that it’s a Monzo issue with Android 12

No other app which requires FP access exhibits this ‘initial miss’ issue.

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I have the same issue on my Pixel 5, running Android 12. Had just assumed it was the phone telling me it’s time for an upgrade, but looking at this thread, perhaps not. Phew!

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Hey everyone :wave:

Thanks for bug report and the steps to reproduce :heart_eyes:
I’ve raised this internally, I’ll be back in touch if I have any updates.


I’m on Android 10 with a Fairphone 3, I get a variation of this where I’m frequently needing to give my fingerprint twice to login, something I don’t see for other apps, only Monzo.

It’s the same issue - an ‘initial miss’ of fingerprint recognition (meaning, having to tap your finger twice to have it recognised and gain access to the -quite-rightly- biometric protected app)

Came here to report the same issue. FWIW, it appears like the fingerprint ID launches twice - the screen flashes, then it won’t recognise that a finger is on the reader. Canceling then tapping ‘Try again’ works.

On Pixel 4a with Android 12.


This happens on the pixel 4 with face unlock as well

It’s been temperamental for me since it was introduced on all the pixels/methods of biometric methods I’ve had/used.

Seeing the same on my pixel 6 / android 12

Issue still happening on my A12 device

Signed up just to reply to this issue. I’m surprised that:

  1. This issue is still ongoing after months
  2. It doesn’t appear to have been acknowledged by Monzo
  3. To report bugs in the app you’re just forwarded to this forum and hope that it’s picked up (rather than customer support logging it).

I’ve been having this issue too for months and it’s really annoying - it happens both for authentication when logging in and authentication when confirming a payment. I’ve got biometrics turned on for other apps but it only happens for Monzo.

Not to derail the topic but I signed up to report this today as I’ve started having to select categories twice now too, adding to the annoyance.

I’m on Android 12, Google Pixel 5.


Still happening on Android 13 (Pixel 6). Other apps not affected, only Monzo. Grrrrr

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Yep, been an issue since it was in labs :neutral_face: