Bug with Android Fingerprint Login

Yup, I can confirm it is still happening too!

@craigj did you ever hear anything back regarding this?

Interestingly, since updating to Android 13 (Beta 2 onward), the fingerprint issue isn’t an issue for me anymore.

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Been great for me across the whole device, no app specific struggles.

Hmmm, so does that mean there is no fix coming from Monzo?

The issue is no better for me on Android 13. Doesn’t affect Revolut nor NHS app (I’m sure there are others not affected that I can’t think of right now)

Maybe I need to nuke & reinstall Monzo app??

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You can try and nuke it but I believe it is a bug within the Monzo app. It looks like it is calling the biometric scanner twice but not every time so makes it harder to reproduce.

Still happening with me, just moved to Pixel 6pro, didn’t happen with my old device Samsung S21 Ultra, both running Android 13

Having this issue too also on Android 12, thought it was my phone but obviously it’s a monzo issue. I have to go out and back in again most times with fingerprint although it’s fine with all other apps.

Never had any issues here. Pixel 6 Pro.

No issues here on p30 pro

Mine has been fine recently if I remember correctly, but I noticed it on a different app I use.

No issues here on S22 Ultra

Same issue on Pixel 7 Pro. Tried reinstall Monzo… All other banking apps ok - NatWest, Starling, Nationwide even no issues with TSB app

This is happening on my Pixel 7. After a cold start of Monzo, the biometric prompt seems to be shown twice (briefly appears after the splash screen, disappears, then reappears). It doesn’t respond to my fingerprint until I dismiss it and try again.

After a hot start the prompt is only shown once and works fine.

It’s back (or never went away) for me on my pixel 6, however I’ve also noticed it on one other app.

With monzo now it does seem to be consistently every time from a cold start so it looks to be worse than it used to be, my phone installed the October 2022 update last night.

This also happens on my S22 Ultra but I can log in using fingerprint

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I came to report this bug and see this thread instead. I have the same issue. Pixel 7 Pro Android 13. This happened with my Pixel 6 all through Android 12.

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