✅ [Android] Fingerprint lock not working if the app was already open [NOT BUG]


I have set the fingerprint login into my Monzo app.

If I have the app closed, then the app asks for my fingerprint, I put it and I’m good to go.

But if I put the app in the background and I come back to it without closing it, I am expecting to put my finger again, but this is not happening.
I can see everything inside my account. I think this is a security issue because if you borrow to anyone your phone and the app is open, then that person will be able to see everything inside your account.

OS: Android 9.0
Device: Huawei P20 Pro
App Version: 2.37.0

IIRC there’s a short timeout to avoid hassling you for fingerprints if you’re just switching between apps to e.g. copy and paste things.
Manual testing - it seems to be set to five seconds. Longer than that and I’m re-prompted.


Uhm thanks, that should be fine