Bug while creating my account

A few month ago I tried to create an account. I send my details and a few hours later I got a notification of rejection. I thought it was because I was under 18 so I waited until December when I turned 18(after all it was a bug of the app). I tried again with the option of creating a new account and for some reason it doesn’t let me to continue because apparently the phone number I am using is “already in use”. I deleted the app and downloaded it again and tried with the option of login and I still got the same problem. I don’t know how is this possible. I would appreciate it If you could help me. Thank you in advance.

Email help@monzo.com

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You can get an account from 16 so it wasn’t your age, looks like it was just rejected

Yes, I know. The problem is the phone number and idk why.

The phone number is already on use because your previous application is still on record.

As the person you’re replying to says, Monzo let you have an account from the age of 16, so your earlier rejection will not have been because you were under 18. This means that whatever the reason was that they declined to open an account for you, it likely still applies.

Ultimately though, no-one on the community can give you a proper answer. Your only route forward, as stated in the first reply, is to email Monzo and see what they can tell you.

thank you!