Bug on Android: Setup new account crash loop

Hello – I have gotten stuck in the middle of account setup and am unable to proceed.

I select my other residence country (US) and the app crashes. On re-open I am prompted again for residence countries outside the UK and I’ve tried US alone and US + UK as well (because it is still listed).

All to no affect, the app still crashes. The first time I was able to provide my SSN before the app crashed and apparently Monzo remembers this as it is not asked for again. What is the procedure to open an account in cases where the application is broken?


Confused by mobile only banking

Hi and welcome to the community.

Can you try reinstalling the app and see if that makes a difference.

Do you have another device you can try signing up with?

If that fails you should be able to contact in app chat, there should be a chat button somewhere but it may be a bit hidden .

Hope that helps.