Pot showing incorrect "Left to Pay" amount

Issue: I have two payments (£13 on 21st and £5 on 27th) to be made by the end of May totalling £18. However the Left to pay line says it’s £23. I have a payment of £4.33 on 1st June which seems to have been wrongly included in the May total.

Details to reproduce: Permanent.
OS: iOS 13.4.1
Device: iPhone XR
App Version: 3.32.0

Screenshots: Available on request

When are you due to be paid again? Does it not include them in a full cycle or something?

I’m not due to be paid again as I don’t receive a regular income. My issue is that it says that £23 is left to pay this month (May) when it clearly isn’t.

What makes you think the figure is for May only? It’s built to run on a regular pay cycle so if you don’t have one then that may explain what you’re seeing.

“What makes me think…”? Because under the words Left to pay it says 1st May to 31st May in small letters. The total is wrong.

Fair enough

It’s related to your budget period isn’t it?

When is your budget set to change?

Have you had a refund or payment (receipt) of about 5 quid in the same reporting period?

No refund/credit in this period.

A couple of things;

  • If you have a payment of £4.33 on 01-June, did you also have a payment of £4.33 (or similar) on 01-May which was completed?
  • Is it “Left to spend” (Summary) or “Left to pay” (Bills pot) which is of concern? Both terms are used in the app for different reasons

/Embarrassment mode on/

I have a lot of items in my bills pot. I thought (am I right?) that they are listed in chronological order. I therefore assumed that the items at the top of the list were the ones to be paid next, i.e. on the 21st May, 27th May, 1st June, etc. Not an unreasonable assumption. On scrolling down the list, what did I find lurking at the bottom after the annual payments – a payment for £5 due on the 25th May. So the total Left to pay is correct after all.

/Embarrassment mode off/

Is this a new bug? Should the list be in chronological order? It would certainly have avoided me raising this as an issue.
Thank you to all that replied above with suggestions.

I wouldn’t say its always in chronological order for me however outstanding payments are always above settles ones for the month. Could be a bug

Mine seems to list all the ones that it recognises as monthly in date order, and then a few that it has failed to recognise as monthly after those. These ones are indeed monthly, but instead of saying “monthly” underneath them, it says “last paid”.

Is that what you’re seeing too?

The one at the bottom is a standing order whereas all the others are direct debits. I still think it should be listed chronologically though.

Odd, my SOs are in a completely separate list from DDs.

This is what I mean. Note the two at the bottom are out of order because Monzo have failed to recognise that they are monthly.

It’s a bug.

Thanks but you are referring to the Scheduled tab In the Payments area. Mine is the same.

However my ‘bug’ relates to a bills pot in the Home area. This is where my SO is shown out of date order.

Ah yes, sorry

However mine are out of order on the bill pot screen for the same reason. The ones that say “last paid” instead of “monthly” are bunched up together.

On Android, the Bills pot shows standing orders & scheduled payments at the top of the list in date order, then underneath shows Direct Debits in Alphabetical order, without any break or indication between the two lists of payments. So while it looks like a single continuous list, it is two lists, made up of different ordering.

Confusing it is.

Jesus, that’s even worse.

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Yeah, it is messy. No doubt related to the Payments display which is almost the same. The Payments tab at least does have the distinct break between ‘Scheduled payments & standing orders’ and ‘Subscriptions & Direct Debits’ But then again, in the ‘Subscriptions & Direct Debits’ section, you have subscriptions at the top, mostly in Alphabetical order and then underneath them you have Direct Debits in Alphabetical order. So again it is 2 merged lists. Payments needs work.

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