Broken Phone - Cannot access app to authorize

If one is Android and the other is iOS, then it’s possible, I believe.

Edit: If all of tour devices are on one platform, logging in on one will log you out of any others.


@StuartP if you buy from somewhere that accepts PayPal and have a reasonable credit history you could potentially apply for and pay through PayPal credit.

Not sure if you need a phone to setup or authorise PayPal credit but might be worth a try if the Bluestacks solution doesn’t work and you don’t want to go to a supermarket to buy a phone.

Also, several retailers offer their own 0% finance or buy now pay later options.

By transfer I guess you mean the money is in a pot otherwise presumably you’d just use your other bank card?

If the money is in a pot then an email to Monzo may be able to move the money for you. They’ll request ID etc. if they can.

I suppose exactly the same issue might exist with those if their SCA method is also app or sms.

I know @StuartP said earlier he doesn’t have an iPad or Android tablet, but I’m starting to think about my own setup now if I was ever in this situation.

I have cards connected to Apple Wallet on my iPad. Am I right in assuming I could use Apple Pay for online payments without need for extra SCA checks (assuming I could find an online retailer who accepts Apple Pay)?

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As long as you use retailers that support Apple Pay, you won’t be bothered by SCA

Finding retailers that do support Apple Pay is another story

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By transfer I mean moving money from Monzo to PayPal. There are no funds in pots.

Monzo is my Primary and only bank account. In hindsight this is one of a few mistakes I’ve made including having the foresight to buy a spare android device for emergencies.

Bluestacks isn’t an option and Tesco isn’t really either as I would have to travel a fair distance to get to one.

No that’s all completely understandable. Monzo want to be the centre of your financial life but, there are multiple holes in the service including this one that mean it can’t be. It’s part of the reason why I personally wouldn’t recommend using the CASS to switch to Monzo as it closes your old account, but that’s another topic for another day.

If I’m right you should just be able to hit pay from PayPal as long as either your card or account are registered on your PayPal account.
Whenever I’m buying things with my PayPal account I never need to increase my PayPal balance first, I just hit buy and the funds are transferred behind the scenes.

Appreciate this isn’t the best solution, but if it works it at least gets you back up and running again!

Don’t you have to go through SCA when PayPal charges Monzo?

It’s been a while since I’ve bought anything above £30 using PayPal (I think £30 is the threshold above which SCA comes into play)

Did you consider PayPal credit (which is somewhat different from regular Paypal) or retailer credit or buy it later schemes?

My Monzo account isn’t connected to PayPal and PayPal credit was declined.

PayPal is complicated beast. My understanding is that if you’re using the service in a way that you’re not logged in and you’re typing in your card details to pay then yes you will have to go through SCA.

If you have an account and you’re using your linked card or bank account to fund the purchase then no you won’t go though SCA.

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Maybe try a retailer that supports Klarna. I would guess Klarna have less stringent lending criteria than PayPal. . Or alternatively the credit scheme at a retailer you have a long history with.

But if second credit application doesn’t work I wouldn’t keep trying different lenders. Repeated credit rejections will damage credit profile - not permananlty, but temporarily.

If that doesn’t work and Monzo can’t provide help in a timely way I guess the next option would be to ask a friend or family member to purchase on your behalf.

I think if we’ve learned anything this weekend it’s that you could drive to Durham for a new phone if you wanted.


:rofl: He’s going to get sacked, though. It’s a matter of when, not if.

Not quite. It’s only if you have Covid-19 symptoms and have no working device to play cbeebies on, obvs.

This is 1 of the reasons why I haven’t gone full Monzo yet, not sure I will really. Even if. I didn’t I’d still like to keep 1 or 2 accounts opened elsewhere as backups.

Hi everyone, thanks to you all for your sensible suggestions. To be honest, if it wasn’t for lockdown, my situation would have been easily resolved by just popping into town to a phone shop.

A friend has bought me a cheap smartphone to tide me over which is apparently being delivered tonight from Argos.


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