Update to the premium section

I’m loving the updates and the refresh on the app using the new corporate colours and fonts. I’m hating the premium section though it seems to have been left behind somewhat, it doesn’t match the rest of the app, what’s happening with it?

Monzo are/were doing some research into new paid products so likely to get updated when something new launches

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Ah yes that makes sense. The premium product feels a little forgotten at the moment.

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Yeah both that and plus could maybe do with a refresh. I’ve slightly tweaked the title so it’s clearer it’s the proposition not the user interface.

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I don’t think editing the title has helped, it’s not really about the offers but the overall Premium section. It’s the same for Plus, that tab is a bad directory.


It’s not about the offers although that will come up inevitably it’s the design disconnect between the premium tab and the main account tab

Fair enough.

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