Bring Spending from Pots to the UK

Now it’s only just launched as a beta in the US…

… But we really need it over here. Even if just to stop @Revels crying in England.

Add your vote up top :arrow_double_up:


Ha, I was waiting for you to spot it!


I suspect the the next poll will basically be “which US features should we bring to the UK?”

@denisewong and the US team are totally on fire!

Also: who else cheekily tried to sign up?

  • I’ve a UK account but tried anyway
  • I’ve never been prouder to be an USAian - hell yes have I signed up!
  • I got scared in British and didn’t try
  • I’ve a US account and it’s hard pass
  • I don’t even have a Monzo account!

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I clicked a link in the community roundup email and didn’t notice it was a US-only feature. So I pressed the button (several times) and kept getting a “sorry, something has gone wrong” message.

Eventually, I worked out what the problem was.

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