Monzo UK features coming to US version?

Is there any plan to bring the Monzo UK features to the US version. I know it’s in beta but is there a road map for things like salary sorter, and the full pots features?

Hey @Dbartlett0121 - we’re definitely hoping to bring a lot of the features that we offer in the UK to Monzo USA down the line as we build out the product during our Beta phase. We should have a revised product roadmap published soon, where you’ll be able to vote on features that you’d most like to see in the US app so stay tuned for that. Obviously since banking in the US is different from the UK in some aspects, there will be some things that won’t make sense to move over. But, for any features that are feasible and that our customers want, we’ll definitely want to have them in the US app.


Thanks for the update Dillion, happy to see Monzo is still committed to the US.

If you’re triaging features, please consider Salary Sorter as a high priority. It’s the closest feature that replicates Simple’s expenses I’ve ever seen. It’s highly appropriate for US customers, as the feature is more useful the more often you get paid, and most US customers get paid more frequently than most UK customers. Thank you again!


Another one, since it suddenly came to mind when I noticed a related topic recently- the ability to create links would also be nice.