Abroad spending & Pots

I’m new to the community but not Monzo. I was hoping that we could get a couple new features added to make the experience much better:

  1. Bills come out of pots - I’ve seen a thread somewhere I dont know if this is still on the books. It would be good to have direct debits automatically come out of an assigned ‘pot’.

  2. Display both currencies when abroad - Linking to the top, could we have pots that money is automatically taken from when abroad. So any spending in a country is taken from that pot? Also could we have our remaining balances when abroad both in GBP and the currency of the respective country.

3)New card - Im a Monzo die hard. Ive been around since the beta, I was hoping we could get a new improved card similar to other challenger banks? Mentioning no names :eyes:


This is a really good idea.

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