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I’ve recently set my Monzo card at my preferred payment option for Blizzard Entertainment (makers of World Of Warcraft, Overwatch etc). However, when purchasing Overwatch loot boxes (I know, I know, microtransactions in paid for games…), the payments come on Monzo a bit “odd”. For example:

Thu 1st June 21:57: Blizzard Entertainment 8.99 (this is when I made the purchase. Purchase was tagged with Blizzard logo. As of 7th June 12:17 still marked “Pending transaction: Blizzard Entertainment Velizy Billac Fra”))
Wed 7th June 00:50: Blizzard Entertainment. +8.99 (a refund, tagged with the Blizzard logo)
Wed 7th June 11:49: Blizzard Entertainment\32 Avenu… 8.99 (“Pending transaction: Offline - Blizzard Entertainment\32 Avenue De L Europe Energy 1\\78140 Fra” : no logo)

I’m assuming this is something odd at Blizzard’s end, but has anyone seen this before (and why they would do it this way) and could Monzo group the 3rd transaction as actually the same merchant as the others for spending consolidation.

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