Delayed Transactions


I have a monthly subscription that never seems to quite work right? Payment comes out at the start of the month (last day of the month due to time zones), then a couple of days later i get another payment out and then a week later i get a refund

Is there anything Monzo can do to clean these up?



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Did you get any further with this? Looks more likely to be an issue with Stardom World - have you reached out to them? Otherwise maybe email

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I’ve had something similar with payments (automatically subscriptions and ‘one-off purchases’) from Blizzard Europe (in France). The pre-auth goes in, waits a couple of days, and then gets refunded and then the amount is actually taken in a third transaction.

I’ve not, I’ll try email Monzo, thanks.

I’ll try SW too if they don’t have any suggestions, though they’re japanese based so don’t know how far I’ll get with them! :see_no_evil:

I notice as well you have the default shopping image as the logo. Don’t know if you’re aware, If you go into one of the transactions, you can let Monzo know a company’s Twitter account and they will update the logo to match. Had a look and this one seems to be @wwr_stardom. This might not bother you though - I just have too much time on my hands :smile:


I am thanks, I did send a non twitter logo a while back as their Twitter logo tends to be a photo rather than the logo and it hasn’t changed yet, thank you though!