Blackberry Ghost


This is pretty interesting, and slightly concerning.

I thought that Blackberry were perhaps, like Nokia, going to have a bit of a resurgence. Their last few devices, since they started making Android phones, have been pretty decent. Particularly the Priv and the KeyOne, I thought both were pretty great devices.

However, I thought that TCL (the manufacturer who have the Blackberry license and made these devices) had a worldwide license to the name, so there’d at least be some consistency going on.

Turns out that’s not the case, and the Blackberry name has been licensed to multiple companies in different territories. This device is being made by a company called Optiemus, who have the license to use the Blackberry name in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

So depending on where in the world you buy a Blackberry, and what device, it could be made by completely different companies. I have a huge distaste for these kind of territorial deals, having been forced into them myself in the past. (Try co-ordinating a marketing plan for the same album with two different record labels in different timezones :man_facepalming: )

Frankly they should have done a global deal with TCL - it’s not as if Chinese companies don’t have distribution in India and surrounding countries… you can find Xiaomi devices all over India.

Ghost is probably the right name for this device.


Is it just me?image


I haven’t been able to see any of the images he’s uploaded for the last week, I think.


I’ll report to Discourse.

You could say the image of the Ghost…is a ghost

i’ll show myself out



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Is it just Simon’s images that aren’t working, or images across the Community?

We had some brief weirdness with images last week, but that should all be fixed.

If it’s still an issue, try clearing your cache and let us know how you get on.


For me it’s just Simon’s. There was an issue with an image prior to last week’s difficulties as well as this one. I’m on an iPhone 6s with the latest iOS. I’ll look at clearing the cache an see if that helps.

Edit to say that I’m using the Discourse app for iOS

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Can’t see the image in the first post on safari on mac, but can see the gif 2 posts up

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I completely agree with you on this @simonb I think in long-term these sort of deals will hurt their brand more. I see no chance of BlackBerry returning to its good old days but at least they could try to become a bit like Nokia. I like that Nokia is sticking with just one company and that company has actually a lot of key people from good old Nokia.


So everything in, say, this thread is ok?

Yep, can see the pics in that thread fine. For me it’s just Simon’s images too, though the gif appeared fine.

Yep, all ok in that thread. It does just seem to be Simon’s pics.


I have the same issue as everyone else, in Safari on Mac. All images in the snow post :+1:.