Android P(eppermint) 😉

Who’s excited?! :grin:

Anybody using P yet?

  • Yes - Flashed!
  • No - Not Flashing!
  • No - Planning to!

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My guess is, as per the title, Android P will be called Peppermint… Based on my own opinion and backed up by mkbhd thinking the same :wink:

I’m running P on my Pixel 2 XL already (yay Dev Preview which will likely be super unstable :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: … When will I learn :yum:)

Can’t wait to see what DP2 brings to the table. Hopefully it mines the clock to the correct side… -_- And maybe it’ll get rid of the silly colours in the settings menu!

Anything you like / dislike so far about P? :slight_smile:


Haven’t flashed yet… I usually wait for DP2 or an OTA Beta program like has been done recently… I’ve been reading the AndroidPolice articles and getting some FOMO though already :joy:


I think I just missed the free edit window :joy:

But… You’ll all be relieved to hear that the Monzo app works perfectly on P :yum:

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I said the same to myself yesterday… But I figured; what could possibly go wrong? :wink:

Flash it! :joy: We have cookies :smirk: … Though peppermints might be more appropriate in this situation! :thinking:

Discourse is so unfair! It didn’t split into 3x 33.3% - time to file a bug report I guess :sweat_smile: hehe



I usually lose access to half my banking apps when i flash early :frowning: Barclaycard always crashes hard for a few months and sometimes I can’t install the HSBC app. Which pretty much screws up my main accounts at the moment, especially as HSBC relies on the app for 2FA.

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I’m there right now :persevere: lost Fingerprint on 2 apps and completely lost login access to one finance app :thinking: yay?

Totally worth it for the latest and greatest version though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just gotta get magisk working (or a custom kernel which might be able to past CTS (safety net) :crossed_fingers:


I am slightly tempted to move my important apps onto the other half’s phone, then at least I can see if they work, if not I can just flash back to Oreo :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm those buttons at the top of the notification. That looks like a refinement of the youtube app ‘trending’ tab. Obviously something they’ve been working on for Material Design 2 (also the separate screen regions with a black border is new).

I wonder how it’ll work in practice as I’m not sure big round buttons is an improvement…

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It’s going to be a long couple of months before the second dev preview :grin::joy:

It’s remarkably stable, if that’s enough to convince you :grin:


It’s going to be a loooong wait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I might flash around Google IO time if there is enough exciting stuff to convince me


I’m thinking of picking up a Pixel 2 XL (entirely @simonb’s fault) as a secondary phone so I might stick Android Penguin on it :thinking:


Android PorkPie? :thinking: It’s not a sweat treat but they are tasty :yum:

As a vegan I must protest! lol

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My powers are still working then. Good to know :smile:

Well I gave in. Just flashed my Pixel, waiting for it to finish restoring everything now…

“Adding the finishing touches…” takes ages :frowning: