Is it me or

Either I have muted loads of threads or has the forum really gone quiet as of late?


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Nope. We can’t hear you. :laughing:

It’s very quiet today

Probably waiting for the Android announcement tomorrow evening, or thereabouts.

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I’ve felt like it has been a bit quite the past couple of days

Things will likely be a little bit busier tomorrow :upside_down_face:


Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? :open_mouth:

I remember the last time Tristan had said that… Thaaanks…

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I can’t wait :wink:


UPDATE: We delayed the thing. Lol :joy:

What thing, what thinggggg???

Tellll meeeeeeeee!!! :joy_cat:

thats what I call suspense

ATM Fees or CA launch? :slight_smile: