Black screen Face ID Login issues


Anyone experiencing a Black screen trying to log in to Monzo Blue App Current account with FaceID?

After authenticating my face successfuly, it glitches out.

Force quitted the app a few times and no success.

Probably a simple bug fix.


Worst ‘I’ve got an iphone-X’ thread eva! :grin:



That has got to be the ugliest status bar ever. The signal icons naturally start from small to tall so it would make sense to put them at the left… but no, some idiot thought the opposite.

Just put them back on the left and clock on the right…

Can you do that?


Not sure but I meant able should just do it.

I hope you can change it because at the moment it looks awful IMO.

I think it changes dynamically depending on what it’s truing to display in the ‘ears’. I think sometimes it is on the left.