Black Mirror Season 5 Trailer

Yay for Miley and Anthony Mackie!

Boo for only being 3 episodes :pensive:


As it’s only three episodes I really hope those three episodes will be at least 90 minutes each…

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I remember hearing that this season was initially delayed due to Bandersnatch taking longer to make than originally anticipated. I wonder if that’s why we’ve only got 3 episodes, as they may have still had an internal deadline to meet and they’d only got the three done so far.

Or they could each be super long as @ndrw hopes.

To me, it’s clearly because of Bandersnatch.

Don’t think of how long it takes to watch Bandersnatch (excluding looping), think of how much footage they shot for it to cover all the different paths and endings. Not such how accurate the figure is, but I’ve heard there’s somewhere around five hours of footage.

So on that basis alone, 1 Bandersnatch = 5 regular episodes.

tl;dr, consider the production of Bandersnatch, not the end result.

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I hear there’s a lot of unused footage, even some left in the game that wasn’t programmed in. Would be interested to see if any of that surfaces one day.