Tink - Account Aggregation App

(Jack) #1

Anyone else heard or signed up for Tink?


It just came up as an advert. Seems to be another account aggregation app.


Nope. Premium account is a tad pricey. R-

(Jack) #3

I think the pricing refers to their other products that companies use, their website isn’t very clear IMO

(SimonL) #4

Yes I too see the ad and signed up to the beta to have a look

(Splodf) #5

Tink have launched Monzo integration.

The sign up is flawless. However it currently just lumps your whole account into a total sum. All the categories are a mess, all of my transactions have come through as food and drink.

(chrisdalziel) #6

Yep, I’ve tried it this week too. Found it entirely useless! Could idea but much more of an alpha version than a beta version! Shame.

(Splodf) #7

I agree. I don’t actually get what it is trying to do or what they believe their niche is?

I went back to the Google+ page to try and see what they want me to do with it but there really isn’t any information anywhere?!

I’m going to reach out to them, see what I can find out!

(chrisdalziel) #8

Let me know if you find out anything interesting!

(Splodf) #9

I’ve asked them to pop over and tell us themselves!


I think Tink is really good as an aggregater.
It connected to Barclays via open banking thing which is good but has its limitations that it can’t pick up my savings account with them.
N26 is available only with them in UK I think and Tink shows N26 has UK IBAN.
Even has Revolut

(SimonL) #11

I noticed an option to only include 50% of values if for example it’s a joint account

(Tom Halloran) #12

I have to say it’s pretty swish. Very nicely designed and well put together.

Had a couple of issues signing up (e.g. it froze while importing my Monzo data) but now I’m in it’s quite impressive

(Tom Halloran) #13

Unfortunately does seem to have lost the connection to Monzo already…

(Dan Baker) #14

Just signed up, app looks really nice and the integration with Spotlight on iOS is really nice.

But no support for a lot of big banks. I can understand missing some like NS&I, Atom or Tandem but no Nationwide seems like an oversight.

With some work, this could be my go to but I’ll stick to Moneydashboard/Emma for now.

edit: this is the free tier on the TestFlight beta.

(Ben Talbot) #15

Does it have credit/charge card integration (Amex)


There are all the supported banks and some not so banks. Revolut :wink:

(Ben Talbot) #17

No Tesco yet? Use it for shopping to get those double CC points xD

Thanks boi

(Matt) #18

I’ve just signed up for the beta and the Monzo balance includes pots as a combined total with my main balance. Also there seems to be trouble showing the individual transactions.

I like the idea of these aggregator apps but haven’t found one yet that actually gives meaningful insights.

(Splodf) #19

I agree with this completely. I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for, but at the moment Tink doesn’t do it either! :rofl:

I did reach out to them and got a reply that they would pop over and check us out. Not sure what will come of it (I would of thought we are their target market?).

(Julia L) #20

Hey all!

Appreciate the feedback and comments in this conversation!

Just wanted to give you a slight explanation of our beta and what we want to achieve (seems to be the biggest question mark). We’re currently testing our tech in the UK (and the rest of Europe) to validate the quality of our connections to the various banks, as well as the data insights that our solution provides. We are not where we would like to be just yet, which is why your input is invaluable to our team. Please keep the comments coming though!

/Julia at Tink