Bills pots - multiple, or all-in-one?

Thanks for all the responses! Definitely sounds like having a whole bunch of pots might be more hassle than it’s worth, will have a look at maybe doing one for ‘house’ ones like mortgage/utilities etc, and one other for more ‘general’ bills.


Depend which bills I stick all insurance in one. All digital subs in another line music and prime.

I have another for grocery spending linked to a virtual card in Apple Pay

And another for my Amazon monthly toiletries subscriptions oh and another for my mobile bill

Yeah it’s kinda weird I can link all my standing orders and direct debits to a pot but not Monzo’s own payment without doing that. I send from my Revolut pot once a month to Monzo to pay for my Monzo. And I do the same from Monzo to Revolut to pay for my Revolut sub for the same reason!

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I have been using the custom categories to sort payments and track expenditure. I am interested in creating pots to better organise my various bills and payments - but its a tad confusing on how it all works. Do pots need to be manually topped up each month or can this be automated? I received a pop up message today about salary sorter- I assume this helps move all your DD etc into pots - does anyone use this feature?

Revels will update you, I’m sure :grin:


You can set up a transfer to a pot.

Or wait for your salary and sort it and done. That’s what I do.

*edit :rofl::rofl:

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Extensively. Any income over £100 can be ‘sorted’ into pots or other :monzo: accounts. This helps with Bills pots…

It’s semi-automated. First of all create a ‘Bills pot’ (the pot can be called whatever, not literally ‘whatever’, but a name of your choice). Then go to the ‘Payments’ tab, then ‘Scheduled’ to see the list of Scheduled payments & standing orders and Subscriptions & Direct Debits. Tap on one (not a Subscription, as Subscriptions can’t be paid from a Bills pot unfortunately) and then select the name of the Bills pot it is to be paid from. Done. Then repeat for each non-subscription payment you want to pay from your Bills pot.

The Bills pot will then work out how much you need to put into it from your main :monzo: account to cover the bills that are to be paid from it in your chosen payment cycle - select ‘Manage’ under the Bills pot to see these details.

So when you receive £100+ into your main account, if you use Salary Sorter to semi-automatically move an amount of funds from your main account to your Bills pot (an amount equal to or greater than the known payments to be made from the Bills pot) - then all the payments will be paid from the Bills pot and you’ve (almost*) ringfenced all bills to be paid from the Bills pot.

*Remember that Subscriptions will still be taken from your main account - but ‘Left-for-xx-days’ (if enabled) will take these subscriptions into account and calculate what you have left as ‘unspent’ in your main account.

This may take a few income/payment cycles to get right, depending on your circumstances.


Thanks David, your response is very much appreciated - it all makes sense now!


One pot for all bills except for iPhone, that has its own pot

And now I have! Settled on these:

They’re by no means cheap for a poo bag. Are these the sort of bags you were looking for @Stompy ?

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Wow those look brilliant thank you for sharing! How did you find them?

My current “biodegradable” bags are of the “bury them in a special pile” variety so these look loads better.

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The owner of my local dog bakery saw them at the Dog Lovers Show in Glasgow back in April and recently started selling them! Caught my interest so I started looking into them and it seems like an awesome step forward from the typical biodegradable bags. Been using them for the past month now!

It’s one of these innovations that make you wonder why no one thought to try this sooner. It makes a lot sense!

It’s a good thing my dog gets a birthday cake every year or I might never have come across them!

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