Bills pots - multiple, or all-in-one?

I have one pot for all bills except credit repayments. Each line of credit I actively utilise gets its own separate pot just because that makes more sense to me.


Just the one bills pot for me


That too :smiley:

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One pot for DDs/SOs and another with a linked virtual card for subscriptions.


I add my Lifetime ISA DD into my bills pot but have thought few times of creating an investing pot to pay DD investments from as it ain’t really a bill. What does everyone else do with regular investing?

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Full fat too :sweat_smile: so good.


Supports local businesses, too…

How 1970s :blush:


Can you still get Humphrey straws? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve said “one pot for all” because that’s basically it. But actually, it’s one pot for “Monthly Household Bills” (utilities, car PCP, car service, etc) but a separate one for “Water” (as we pay that every six months) and “Memberships and Subscriptions” which are annual (library membership, art pass, etc) at different times of the year.

Only downside is that all our money moves around (2 payments into joint account from our personal accounts, pot top ups) on the first of the month. So we have to keep a £400 buffer in the monthly pot to ensure that it doesn’t all mess up if the direct debits due on the first are taken before the pot is topped up.


This is what we do, only the buffer became our emergency fund over time because we top it up with a bit more than it needs.

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Yes, good idea. Ours is a separate “Surplus/Contingent” pot which gets topped up with anything left at the end of the month.


I have “themed” pots. One for home bills, one for pet bills, one for car bills etc etc.


We really need to start doing this :sweat_smile:

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Curious what these are if you don’t mind sharing?

We have a lot of pet subscriptions, but not so much what we’d call bills in the natural sense. Even insurance is processed like a subscription (no DD, no contract/min term) so the only real bills are vets ones but they’re just basic ad hoc payments as and when the need arrives.

Would love for flea/worm stuff to be easier, but that depends on the local vets being willing to streamline things, because the products we use can only be supplied by a vet or with a prescription.

So naturally if there any things we could transition to your typical bills format with a pot to streamline things, I’m all ears! It’s something I’ve been trying to do for years and manage better with Monzo’s tools, but everything always winds up coming up short of expectations. Even the sound in theory virtual card payments from a pot.

So some are actual bills/DDs like the pet insurance and others are subscriptions like flea and worm stuff from the vet, dog food, and poop bags :grin:


Not an interrogation I promise! :joy:

But which poop bags do you use? It’s probably the one pet supply I buy frequently that I haven’t thoroughly researched yet. Just have the Beco ones on subscription because it’s Beco, and as a brand are decent enough in my eyes. But maybe there are better poop bags out there.

On the subject of Beco though, for you Monzo coral fans, they do have a coral monkey toy for dogs!

Received one of these in last year’s Reddit secret Santa for my dog! :grin:

At the moment I use Beco rolls in the lead dispenser and have an Earth Rated pack at home:

Earth Rated - Bags Replacement roll 300 lavender bags

I’m looking at compostable alternatives that don’t leave micro plastics when they biodegrade. I just haven’t tried any yet so can’t offer a recommendation :blush:

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I know you’re not asking me but since I also buy them I thought I’ll say the ones I get.

I buy mine from wilko. Wilko has packets of these red ones and they’re already separated making it easy to get and they fit in your pocket easily. They’re thick too. Although they’ve raised the price a little and added 10p on since last week

Each packet has around 30 bags and cost 50/60p so not the cheapest compared to some but good quality

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We get ours from Wilkinsons too. The green bio degradable ones. They come in small rolls so dead handy to have in your pocket.

Although we’ve now bought saddle bags for our dog so he carries his own stuff :grin: