Direct Debit - Left to Pay

My apologies if I’ve missed this in the forum!

In our Joint Account we have a ‘Bills’ pot where all of our direct debits come out of. If I look at it today, it tells me I have £18.67 ‘left to pay’ which is great as I have one more DD to come out on the 23rd.

My issue is, when I come to sort out our wages on the last or penultimate day of the month, it says ‘left to pay’ is £0. But I’d love an option to move forward a month, so it can show me what’s ‘left to pay’ in the following month? And possibly even an option to transfer that exact amount in without having to manually do it. (similar to how you get a reminder if it looks like you’re short, “add £1.36 to your pot to ensure you have enough”.

Hope that makes sense.


Not too sure, but I think one of the new spotlights shows all upcoming planned payments, maybe adding an extra spotlight for “next months upcoming” would be ideal?

You should change trends or summary or both (whichever it is!) to change your pay day to the day before, then this will be a non issue :slight_smile:


Ooh I shall look into that! I’ll be honest, I haven’t used trends or summary much at all, but with the new layout I have found myself looking at it more often so maybe that’s the answer!

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This :point_up: (albeit discussed plenty in the past) coupled with the ability to add manual future transactions would be :ok_hand: