"Total to pay monthly" view as well as "left to pay"

The left to pay is really useful. However, most of my payments go out at the beginning of the month, and whenever I just want to see how much is the total I have to pay for a whole month, I have to add it manually.

It would be great to have “total to pay monthly” view next to or near the “left to pay” figure please.

While not as convenient as your suggestion, if you set up a Bills pot it will tell you the total of ‘upcoming’ bills in the current cycle.

I’m the same as you - most bills are taken at the start of the monthly cycle and so it’s not overly useful - but useful all the same. What I find really useful is putting an amount into the Bills pot at the start of the cycle to cover the upcoming bills and simply forgetting about bills completely. That’s the best bit.

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Thanks David. I already have it set up like you. But whenever bills change, I have to manually add up the total again.

The useful addition would be just to have a total of your predicted outgoings so that can always have at hand that figure to plan quickly, regardless of how much you have already paid out.