Big Chip, Little Chip, Monzo Card! :hot_coral_heart:

(Marcus Nailor) #1

So then… The time has come, Monzo are tweaking their card slightly! :scream: Not the colour (woohoo :hot_coral_heart:) but the size & style of the chip on the front. (That old school thing for chip&pin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Over in Slack today, it was announced that the onboard chip / storage / logic-bits were being updated :tada:



yep new cards will be gradually switching over to the new smaller contact plates

We’re all used to the current card design, more specifically that futuristic looking chip! :grin:

However the Joint Account card brought with it a newer, smaller chip…

I know how I feel already, I’m all for newer features & card internals :smiley: - Monzo confirmed that it would be ‘better’ which is always good :wink: … More specifically:

Mostly just a hardware refresh. We made one tiny tweak to hopefully improve chip acceptance for certain non-compliant terminals in South Korea.

Yay for improvements! :tada::tada::tada:

But sad about the small contact pads (for some arbitrary reason :joy:) I just reckon it looks plain and boring, less flashy than I’ve come to ‘expect’ from Monzo :hot_coral_heart:

What do you think though? :slight_smile:

  • I love the new, smaller, chip! :hot_coral_heart:
  • I hate the new, smaller, chip! :joy:
  • I don’t care :innocent:

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Circuitry inside the card
(Tony) #2

Needs an option for “I have no opinion on the new, smaller, chip!”

(Marcus Nailor) #3

Done! :wink:

(Liam W) #4

I want to know where I can get a card void stamp… that looks fun!

(Gareth) #5

There was me trying to work out what that was…

(Jack) #6

All the photos of the new chips I’ve seen look like they have been miss printed with the black lines…

(Harry) #7

That void card without the numbers looks the best… forget the small chip! :wink:

(Andre Borie) #8

We made one tiny tweak to hopefully improve chip acceptance for certain non-compliant terminals in South Korea.

Can we get more details? I’m curious as to what the problem was.

(Hugh Wells) #9

I have a few without a big stamp through them :stuck_out_tongue:

(Andre Borie) #10

Can I haz one?

Can you link it to my account?

I can offer chocolates or drinks in exchange. :wink:

(Hugh Wells) #11

It isn’t personalised so no :stuck_out_tongue:

(Andre Borie) #12

Send me the plastic, I’ll move my current chip over to it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is there any advantage of the new smaller chip when using the card in the U.K?

(Marcus Nailor) #14

Newer is normally better :wink:

But there’s likely no advantage (or disadvantage) to the chip in the UK :smiley: I.e. no need to ‘lose’ your card and replace it :joy: I’d be surprised if there was any noticeable difference to daily usage besides some potential edge cases! (I don’t design card chips though so I can’t be 100% sure :see_no_evil:)

(Hugh Wells) #15

It’s a slightly different profile :wink:

It will work better in South Korea where we had some pretty bad acceptance issues due to terminals mangling some of the fields from the chip :see_no_evil: