Big Chip, Little Chip, Monzo Card! :hot_coral_heart:

(Marcus Nailor) #1

So then… The time has come, Monzo are tweaking their card slightly! :scream: Not the colour (woohoo :hot_coral_heart:) but the size & style of the chip on the front. (That old school thing for chip&pin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Over in Slack today, it was announced that the onboard chip / storage / logic-bits were being updated :tada:



yep new cards will be gradually switching over to the new smaller contact plates

We’re all used to the current card design, more specifically that futuristic looking chip! :grin:

However the Joint Account card brought with it a newer, smaller chip…

I know how I feel already, I’m all for newer features & card internals :smiley: - Monzo confirmed that it would be ‘better’ which is always good :wink: … More specifically:

Mostly just a hardware refresh. We made one tiny tweak to hopefully improve chip acceptance for certain non-compliant terminals in South Korea.

Yay for improvements! :tada::tada::tada:

But sad about the small contact pads (for some arbitrary reason :joy:) I just reckon it looks plain and boring, less flashy than I’ve come to ‘expect’ from Monzo :hot_coral_heart:

What do you think though? :slight_smile:

  • I love the new, smaller, chip! :hot_coral_heart:
  • I hate the new, smaller, chip! :joy:
  • I don’t care :innocent:

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Circuitry inside the card
(Tony) #2

Needs an option for “I have no opinion on the new, smaller, chip!”

(Marcus Nailor) #3

Done! :wink:


I want to know where I can get a card void stamp… that looks fun!

(Gareth) #5

There was me trying to work out what that was…

(Jack) #6

All the photos of the new chips I’ve seen look like they have been miss printed with the black lines…

(Harry) #7

That void card without the numbers looks the best… forget the small chip! :wink:

(Andre Borie) #8

We made one tiny tweak to hopefully improve chip acceptance for certain non-compliant terminals in South Korea.

Can we get more details? I’m curious as to what the problem was.

(Hugh Wells) #9

I have a few without a big stamp through them :stuck_out_tongue:

(Andre Borie) #10

Can I haz one?

Can you link it to my account?

I can offer chocolates or drinks in exchange. :wink:

(Hugh Wells) #11

It isn’t personalised so no :stuck_out_tongue:

(Andre Borie) #12

Send me the plastic, I’ll move my current chip over to it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is there any advantage of the new smaller chip when using the card in the U.K?

(Marcus Nailor) #14

Newer is normally better :wink:

But there’s likely no advantage (or disadvantage) to the chip in the UK :smiley: I.e. no need to ‘lose’ your card and replace it :joy: I’d be surprised if there was any noticeable difference to daily usage besides some potential edge cases! (I don’t design card chips though so I can’t be 100% sure :see_no_evil:)

(Hugh Wells) #15

It’s a slightly different profile :wink:

It will work better in South Korea where we had some pretty bad acceptance issues due to terminals mangling some of the fields from the chip :see_no_evil:

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(Sam) #16

Is it possible that the ‘new chip’ technology mean it will make it faster when tapping on contactless terminals. It seems that when I tap on a reader it takes a while for the card to recognise its there?

I’m not talking about the wait time for the card to be accepted and payment approved just the delay in the beep!

(Talon Fast) #17

I still miss having “debit” on the front </3