Monzo card colour change?

Hello all,

I recently reopened a Monzo account as well as a joint account. My cards arrived today and I noticed that the personal account card is a different colour than it used to be - a more muted, boring coral. The joint account is still hot coral.

Is this by design? When did it change? Can I get a hot coral card somehow?

There’s a few companies supplying the cards so possibly one or one batch is more muted? Just a guess

With concealing the number on the card, can you share a side-by-side image?

It’s not by design, and it didn’t change deliberately. As @Rat_au_van mentioned, we have different suppliers, and that sometimes leads to inconsistency in the exact shade.

If you freeze the card and replace in the app, then you’ll get another card and it’ll most likely be closer to the other one.


Does it really matter ???


People are free to replace their cards for any reason that they wish.

You’d expect someone to replace the card if the chip wasn’t working. Well, for some folks, including the original thread poster - the colour of the card is clearly also an important factor. It’s an important identifier, and to have a strong, solid shade associated with your product is something that most companies would like to have. You might even find that some companies actually change their design and colours after years in order to attempt to capture the same thing.

I don’t think there’s any significant environmental impact from a tiny proportion of users not being happy with the exact print shade and ordering a replacement on that basis. After all - it’s an anomaly, rather than the norm.


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This is outrageous. It’s. A. Card.

Perhaps to put the concerns of the environmentalists at ease, Monzo could ask for the old card to be returned so you can recycle it?

A small pre-paid envelope and ask them to return their old card. You can then melt them all down, or stack them whole and turn them into a giant Hot Chip :monzo: :sunglasses:

Or more seriously, recycle it for some other use. Perhaps the card manufacturers can do something with them? Same applies for expired cards.


Or make jewellery?! Or earphone holder, or…

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I don’t think I’ll be reordering a card, as I could potentially end up in an endless loop of card reorders (and I also have an easy way of telling which card is which).

I just find it it a little disappointing that there’s such a lack of attention to detail when it comes to such an important part of the brand.


I think it’s called ‘customer service’. I suppose ‘Outrageous Customer Service’ could be a new advertising tag line or something.


Doubt a little card gonna hurt the world? But I’ll take your comment as a giggle.

What about a million cards?

Not outrageous that they’d replace. After all they can’t stop someone requesting a replacement. Just the upset over a different shade. Tbf the cards should be identically coloured no matter who made them

On the environmental aspects, we’re continually looking around and getting samples of biodegradable plastics we could use in our cards.

Nothing of note to report on that right now though. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah. OK, my misunderstanding. Sorry!

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