Referral game strong

After 3 months of persuasion, I’ve finally convinced the SO to get Monzo! Got slightly worried when 5 seconds after opening his account a bug in the app said his account had been closed :grimacing: but it’s all good now but I think I’m more excited than he is :joy: Team Monzo keeps on growing!!


His card arrived!! Jumped for joy when I saw the dark blue letter in our porch :grin: One Q tho, what’s the difference in the chips? I got mine over a year ago and it was larger than the ones given out now

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Hi @TheStrider New cards have updated chips and software on them to improve performance

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The onboard chip / storage / logic-bits have been updated.
I think all new cards will have the smaller chip now :slight_smile:

After receiving a new card last month, it still has the larger chip :thinking: