BIC Incorrect

Hi there the account details in the account profile incorrectly lists the BIC as ending with am L instead of a 1…

This seems to be a typo that needs correcting…

I’m not so sure…

It looks like MONZGB2L belongs to Monzo

Edit: also confirmed by @nickrw (a Monzo payments engineer) here:

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Thanks. Interesting. The bank in Jamaica insisted its 21 rather than 2L and set up the transaction thus. In fairness I saw the same info online… Fingers crossed now that the money turns up!

Here is the equivalent page for that other 21 code:

SWIFT CODE This swift code should not be used as it is no longer active!

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Good luck!


The BIC ending in a 1 is our old BIC. We were initially registered with a BIC ending with a 1, which indicated that we were not connected to the SWIFT network in any way.