Receiving International Transfers in UK from USA

I can’t appear to definitively get an answer on finding an IBAN number for Monzo in the UK. At least I found one online, but I need to receive payments by wire transfer from the US into my UK Monzo Account has anyone tried this yet? From what I can see:

the IBAN is: GB29ABBY60161331926819
and the BIC is: ABBY

Monzo don’t officially support international transfers

Be safer using transferwise

That’s a completely different IBAN than I’ve seen others generating

That IBAN looks like it’s going via Santander. I thought that Natwest was Monzo’s correspondent bank?

(I know nothing about this but I’d be wary)

Ah OK, Thanks. I’m just downloading that App now. I will give it a try. Is it bullet proof do you know? as in guaranteed to work?

The IBAN is wrong. It includes an incorrect checksum and its bank code doesn’t exist.

Whenever I have sent an international bank transfer to Monzo it starts GB11MONZ040004xxxxxxxx . The x’s is the account number.

I haven’t done it recently and not from the USA. As it isn’t supported officially, unless you know it works for you by testing with a small amount (it can fail to arrive), use Transferwise.


I use Transferwise every month. The first transfer to an account can take a bit longer, but subsequent transfers a quite quick. I haven’t tried shooting yet, though :joy:

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Thanks for the heads up all. appreciate it. :+1:t2: