Monzo IBAN and SWIFT?

I imagine this has been asked already, I did a search and can’t find anything, but apologies if there is already a thread on this, but where can I find the IBAN and SWIFT codes for the Monzo account?

I have a ‘firstchoicepay’ account with dollars, and it looks like they are closing down and I have been advised to withdraw all funds from there, however its not just a straight up UK bank transfer and I need the iban and swift to be able to transfer funds…

This option is currently not available. Transferwise is recommended by lots of people. Loads of threads about this, type IBAN into the search. 1st one I found

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Hi @jpg2502! @rat_au_van is right, IBAN/SWIFT codes aren’t available yet. Transferwise is a great alternative option to make international payments for the moment :+1:

International Money Transfers are high on the list of priorities for us to roll out on the Monzo app. It’s listed as ‘Near Term’ on our Product Roadmap here :blush:

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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There’s certainly a SWIFT code - it’s MONZGB21. IBAN’s are a relatively recent invention - the world got by just fine with the SWIFT code, account number and sort code for years until the IBAN came along, and most banks can still operate without it. You ought to be able to get transfers made using existing data.

Strongly advised not to even try this


Okay - apologies, I’ll edit that bit out


Thank you :slight_smile:

Any update on this? I have an Apple developer account which needs an IBAN to send deposits. Right now it’s the only reason I’m keeping my First Direct account.

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Nothing yet! On the big list update on 03/07 monzo said IBANs to receive international payments would be in within the next six weeks.

Isn’t this just contained within Europe?

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