Betting site withdrawal

Betting site gave me transaction ID on their end everything looks fine. They claim problem is with monzo and mastercard and their backlog. Site is betfair

And that is story we affected want to hear and not beeft in dark.

I just won money on 365… withdraw straight to my bet365 master…
Glad I am not going thru this drama😂

Unfortunately, I can’t tell the full story yet but I can give a very short version.

Payments were sent from the sites to their payment processors (the company who provides them with the connection to Mastercard, Visa, and others), their payment processors then attempted to send these in bulk to Mastercard. The affected payments were rejected between the payment processors and Mastercard.

They never made it into Mastercard’s systems and certainly were not delivered to Monzo, hence why we are still unable to trace any individual payments until they are resubmitted to Mastercard. Even the Mastercard lookup tools could not locate them.

This is why many people were incorrectly told that it was a Monzo issue. To the eyes of the betting sites, they were able to give what’s called an ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) that is generated when payments are submitted to their payment processor and are carried through to us with the payment itself.

To be clear, this issue affected all withdrawals to all Mastercard cards from betting sites who used the affected payment processors, not just us here at Monzo.

My team have spent the last week or so sending emails and making phone calls trying to follow the chain back to work out exactly where the payments disappeared and help the payment processors in fixing the issue.

At this point in time, we are continuing to contact the affected processors every day until they have resubmitted all of the payments and everybody has their money, not just Monzo customers but everybody who was affected at other banks too.


Why are then some payments sorted and other not?

How is it so hard and takes so long to find rejected payments?

Some payment processors have resubmitted the payments which were rejected incorrectly; others have unfortunately not yet (we are continuing to chase those who have not). In addition, payments submitted since Friday morning (when the issue causing incorrect rejections was resolved) should be going through fine

It took some time for us to identify where the issue was (there are a lot of parties involved here - Monzo, Mastercard, each betting site’s processor and each betting site) and to coordinate this across all involved parties and, in addition, these weren’t rejected in the normal manner so it wasn’t possible for the processors to just look through their rejections lists.

Finally, it doesn’t appear that this got raised within all of the processors before people went home for the bank holiday weekend on Thursday or that they decided that this wasn’t a high priority incident, and therefore most of them haven’t started working on this until this morning.

We’re hopeful that the missing payments will come through in tonight’s clearing file and that all Monzo (and other Mastercard issuer) customers will have their withdrawals with them by the morning.


I’ve been meaning to post in this thread, but I’ve been bogged down juggling emails and phone calls with payment processors.

I’m now sat on my laptop with a cup of tea, watching the midnight clearing cycle tick by, and crossing the providers that just sent us their backlog off my list - the good news is, there’s a whole bunch in here, and quite a few of you should be waking up tomorrow to your wayward payouts safe in your accounts! :woman_technologist::tea:

First thing tomorrow morning, I’m going to send some cheers to these processors, and keep chasing the rest until we’ve found every last penny. :female_detective:

It’s been surprisingly tricky, because there are so many moving parts!

The really unfortunate bit is that the system that’s supposed to tell you that you’ve sent a broken clearing file… wasn’t actually picking up on this bug, so everything looked completely normal to the payment processors.

Once this is all done, I’m going to take some time to write a long post about how this went down - but it’s a story that deserves to be told in full, not to end on a cliffhanger - and I just don’t think it’d be right for me to sit down and tell stories, while you’re still waiting for your money.


Whoa… 3 different employees writing extensive posts explaining somebody else’s failure (some at 2am in the morning).

That deserves a round of applause :clap: :clap: :clap:


Make monzo great again

Wish I could share a good news but unfortunately having a coffee without money in account, never in my life have I spent so much time checking for transaction.

It has become kind of daily routine make a coffee check monzo.

Looks like my final outstanding payment came through this morning :+1:



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Glad for you guys, but also jealous.

Nice! :raised_hands:

Seeing numbers on a screen is one thing, but hearing that it’s actually reaching you is music to my ears. :smile:

Oh no. :disappointed:

If you don’t mind, could you post in this thread or DM me the name of the betting site? I’ll have a look and see if I can find which processor it uses, and if this is a missing payment from one that’s sent us their backlog, or one of the still missing ones.

I hope the coffee is good at least!

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Coffee is always good,

Betfair is betting sit if you need ARN or transaction ID I can pass those through as well if it helps.

Hi…Im on the same situation…the betting site is Betfair still waiting since April 16…thanks

I’m still waiting, mine is Betfair

waiting on betfair and 7bestbets for me too :frowning:

:thinking: I can see some backlogged payments from Betfair in tonight’s batch, but only a very small number.

I have a hunch as to what might’ve happened here, I’m going to investigate it!

ARNs would be terrific, because they let us verify if specific payments have come in, not just that the numbers add up; I have a list of them here that I’m checking against incoming clearing messages. :eyes:

If you have one, please pop into chat in the app and tell them you have an ARN for a missing gambling payout - we’ll put it on the list :pray:

I’ve given them my ARN twice.