Cheltenham Festival 🐎

I know we’re all finance lovers on here, but there’s gotta be a few that have lost some money this last week on those horses, myself included! For those that did, what did we make of it (or lose)?

Did the £2 free bet from SkyBet each day. Won once. £7 up.

Then won £3.20 (£2 stake) yesterday.

+£8.20 for the week.


A win’s a win especially given a free bet, this festival has deffo taught me to go for the smaller wins…

I have zero idea on horse racing. I picked if I liked a name or like their outfit colours.

But I only ever bet small amounts anyway. This buzz of winning is less than the annoyance of losing big.

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Absolutely love Cheltenham. By far the best festival of the year.

I’ll never forget Annie Power falling at the last and blowing my four fold.

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Been a great week ‘matched betting’ for me :eyes:


A guy at work did this for a while, I couldn’t get my head around it

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Was really into matched betting a few years back. Made a good few grand but then the offers started drying up and eventually wasn’t worth the hassle any more.

Was fun while it lasted though.