World Cup anyone? ⚽

I’m surprised there isn’t any football/soccer World Cup thread here yet, so I’ll do the honours!

Are you watching? Any favourite teams? Betting? :money_with_wings:

Let’s chat! Drinks and refreshments will be provided! :beer:


Love the World Cup
Watched the Egypt game earlier and fell asleep :zzz:
This Iran game is quite good.

Not supporting any team in particular as neither Ireland team are there but Spain might be a good choice to win it

Watching the Iran/Morocco game now, and both teams seem strong, could very well end up in a draw IMO.

I’ve actually tried to bet on no goals in the first half, and thought I had it, but turns out I bet on the entire game ending up with no goals :joy: thankfully cashed out my money and still got 61p extra.


Think there’ll be goals in the second half. Neither side are a good enough quality to defend solidly for the full 90 minutes

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Agreed. Now I’m not sure on what to bet though - the “no goals in the first half” was a great opportunity but stupid me screwed it up big time. :sob:

Would love to see England get to the semi’s


Would be interesting to see. Only been in England for 3 years and haven’t really paid attention to their performance in the previous World Cup so not sure how they fare. Are you optimistic about them? :smile:

I like to describe myself as optimistic yes, but also realistic.

Individually England have a great squad who are great for their clubs in the Premier League, however when it comes to Internationals for some reason we never deliver

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I don’t know if it’s the rugby :rugby_football: or the Scotland :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 in me but not planning on watching. Possibly a combination of the two :joy:

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Would people be interested to make a little Monzo go to a pub to go watch a match?

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Why the pub? We could do that at the Monzo office, on the screen they use for the presentations during the events. :joy:

But yeah depends on how many people are up for it it could be nice.

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Well, in the end I won 13£ on this game - put 1£ bets on both outcomes at the last minute of the game, and one of them delivered! :money_mouth_face:

It probably was, but not anymore. They fired the coach two days ago for announcing he just signed for Real Madrid before the cup lol

Don’t think that will make much difference. The replacement was already heavily involved in the team so it’s not much of a change

3 minutes in and we’re losing already lol :frowning:

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He tripped over an earthworm, wasn’t a penalty

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That was beautiful

I’m getting a heart attack

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What a save…