World Cup anyone? ⚽


I’m surprised there isn’t any football/soccer World Cup thread here yet, so I’ll do the honours!

Are you watching? Any favourite teams? Betting? :money_with_wings:

Let’s chat! Drinks and refreshments will be provided! :beer:

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Love the World Cup
Watched the Egypt game earlier and fell asleep :zzz:
This Iran game is quite good.

Not supporting any team in particular as neither Ireland team are there but Spain might be a good choice to win it


Watching the Iran/Morocco game now, and both teams seem strong, could very well end up in a draw IMO.

I’ve actually tried to bet on no goals in the first half, and thought I had it, but turns out I bet on the entire game ending up with no goals :joy: thankfully cashed out my money and still got 61p extra.

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Think there’ll be goals in the second half. Neither side are a good enough quality to defend solidly for the full 90 minutes


Agreed. Now I’m not sure on what to bet though - the “no goals in the first half” was a great opportunity but stupid me screwed it up big time. :sob:

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Would love to see England get to the semi’s


Would be interesting to see. Only been in England for 3 years and haven’t really paid attention to their performance in the previous World Cup so not sure how they fare. Are you optimistic about them? :smile:

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I like to describe myself as optimistic yes, but also realistic.

Individually England have a great squad who are great for their clubs in the Premier League, however when it comes to Internationals for some reason we never deliver


I don’t know if it’s the rugby :rugby_football: or the Scotland :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 in me but not planning on watching. Possibly a combination of the two :joy:

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Would people be interested to make a little Monzo go to a pub to go watch a match?


Why the pub? We could do that at the Monzo office, on the screen they use for the presentations during the events. :joy:

But yeah depends on how many people are up for it it could be nice.


Well, in the end I won 13£ on this game - put 1£ bets on both outcomes at the last minute of the game, and one of them delivered! :money_mouth_face:

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It probably was, but not anymore. They fired the coach two days ago for announcing he just signed for Real Madrid before the cup lol

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Don’t think that will make much difference. The replacement was already heavily involved in the team so it’s not much of a change

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3 minutes in and we’re losing already lol :frowning:

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He tripped over an earthworm, wasn’t a penalty

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That was beautiful

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I’m getting a heart attack

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What a save…